Lesson 2-Topics with additional content

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In doing this lesson, I found several topics from my initial list really jumped out at me.  Not only did I find more related ideas, they were also easier to produce.  So, rather than go through the entire list of 10, I’ve chosen half of them to copy here with the supporting ideas.  Of course, some of them will be more painful to explore, so I’m already leaning toward the others.  But, if you choose to read over my list, I’d welcome thoughts/comments.



1)     The Lost Decade:  or How My Marriage Crashed, Burned and Scarred Me Forever

  1. Our first Holiday season; precursor of things to come?
  2. The July 4 boat fiasco
  3. The girl; the accusation; the odyssey
  4. Stand By Your Man
  5. Running Away
  6. Being ditched at the in-laws
  7. Hermit 101
  8. Final Decision & Escape

2)     Promise Dog:  Rocco

  1. Losing Midnight, visiting a kennel, discovering Fila Brasileiro
  2. Briefly touching on the problems in our life at the time; his determination to find 2 dogs.  “But I’m not a dog person!”
  3. My prayer, and the phone call that changed everything
  4. Meeting my Promise Dog.  Love at first sight!
  5. Brief description of how Rocco kept me sane.
  6. Ten years later.  Promise fulfilled.

3.) Too Old For Summer Camp:  The fateful summer camp I visited at age 28 and met my ex-

  1. The guy I was SUPPOSED to meet
  2. Basketball, baseball, and a cookie
  3. Sitting on a sandbag; the other girls
  4. Saving a seat, turning it down
  5. Finally meeting John.
  6. Persistence pays off


4)     The Man I Should Have Married:  Summer Romance

  1. Holiday party for old friends
  2. Phone calls at college; dating on breaks
  3. Summer of platonic love:  Picnics, fireworks, the bench seat in the pick-up truck, who shot JR?
  4. Not ready for what comes next, hormones & my lame excuse for breaking up
  5. Aftermath-Regret?  Planning!


5)     Becoming Popular:  Visiting Grandma for the summer and becoming the most popular girl at church and camp

  1. History:  Going to grandma’s since I was a week old….
  2. Being in a wedding party–feeling pretty and getting noticed
  3. Meeting the girls:  (names will be changed)
  4. Riding the church bus
  5. Church camp in Ohio (2 boys)
  6. Convention in Kentucky (2 more boys)
  7. Back at Grandma’s house (another boy)
  8. Returning home to plain Jane, but with new confidence.

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What's important enough to say here? I'm mid-50s and I want to be a wirter when I grow up! I work a day job but I've been journalling since age 11. Most recently I took a Mindful Writing class that really brought me to this place. I'm looking forward to feedback and honing my skills in this class.
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  1. ShaLoNico says:

    Ambitious…and I must say, tantalizing chapter headings. It seems to me you don’t have to write them in order, but I sure do hope you write them!

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