Description of place

The wooden barn-like structure smelled of cedar and dog. We were led first through a half-door, the top being held back with a blue bungee. I spotted some young dogs that were not Dobermans. I didn’t know what they were, but they were all a soft fawn color with wide heads, pendulant ears and droopy faces. One beautiful little female came toward me eagerly and stood, placing her front paws on top of the worn wood rail. She was nearly three feet tall! As I reached into the kennel and touched her smooth, soft coat, the affectionate little girl leaned heavily into my hand and nearly closed her eyes in a look of ecstacy. I was totally smitten.

About sharkle

What's important enough to say here? I'm mid-50s and I want to be a wirter when I grow up! I work a day job but I've been journalling since age 11. Most recently I took a Mindful Writing class that really brought me to this place. I'm looking forward to feedback and honing my skills in this class.
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