Lesson ONE!!!


1.  The entire experience of being a naive, rather innocent sheltered wife and mother (albeit Professional) woman in New York, meeting a Lawyer for the VERY FIRST TIME when her Husband decided to Ghost out of the Marriage of 13 years.  Many Lawyers would follow, leaving her Daughter in Bangalore, India with an Expired American Passport.

2.  Experience of facing my Mother who rejected the Entire IDEA of Divorce.  She felt if I had been a better Mother, a more supportive and generous Wife, a better Cook – my Husband would never have left me….. It took my X husband showing up with one of his Nurses declaring her as my REPLACEMENT – a mere two days after dragging me to Court in White Plains, NY for the FIRST TIME, before ANY DIVORCE was Finalized…..

3. Growing up in the 1980s with Siddhartha and all the Developmental Growth Deficits he has….

4. Moving to Dubai / Abu Dhabi / UAE.  Meeting Deepak.  The amazing differences in Social Expectations about Women from British Pakistani Men.  VOTING FOR HILLARY and doing our bit to make sure the United States of America is a BETTER COUNTRY for my Shambhavi.

5. Cook County / the Residency.  The Hours.  The Hiearchy. The awful feeling of constantly having to prove yourself.  After 8 years in Private Practice – the feeling like you still have to work like that EVERY CASE to ensure a High Standard of Care and Clinical Competence just as you did as a first day Anesthesia Resident….

And…. in my case – how to counter the almost SUICIDAL THOUGHTS of self doubt.  Wondering if it was even worth it at all – especially in light about what has happened to the Family…. And remembering it always will be….

6. The time you got sued in New Jersey for the Oxycontin Prescription….

7. The Colleague who broke the Epidural….

9.  Having Shambhavi.  Starting the Residency.  Giving up the Child….

10.  Moving to New York.  Watching Corporate America TAKE OVER MEDICINE.

About MaliniMD

Hello - my name is Dr. Malini Rao. I am an Anesthesiologist (American Board Certified) currently working in the United Arab Emirates. I relocated here from the NY/NJ area in 2015 following a very nasty Divorce and ensuing Custody Battle that has left my only child without her Passport until 2018. The reason I moved was to be closer to my Daughter and Parents in Bangalore, India. I have been maintaining Journals ever since I was an Anesthesiology Resident in the Cook County Hospital, Chicago from 2004-2008. I have a variety of UNIQUE EXPERIENCES that I would love to share - hence I signed up for the Online Course. Looking forward to everyone's input and suggestions!!!
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    Really interesting. I can’t wait to read.

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