Lesson 2; exercise 2

the death of someone close to me (my daughter) – why she was our miracle child Dawn and I were not sure that we could even get pregnant. I was HIV+, so conceiving had it risks. We had seen several specialists that all agreed while the risk was there, it was minimal because I had an “undetectable” status. In addition to my health concern, Dawn too, had a medical condition that we had to consider. She had fibroids that would cause her a lot a pain and distress during her cycle. If she got pregnant they could possibly cause premature delivery. We prayed and believing God we moved forward. I remember the day that we went to the doctor and he came back and said to us “you’re pregnant”. It was a surreal feeling knowing that I might become a father again. We were still newlyweds when we discovered that we were pregnant. – the feeling of powerlessness At 21 weeks, my wife appeared to be 9 months pregnant. See, she had fibroids, which grew exponentially while she was pregnant. She was being monitored closely by her Ob-gyn, however, days prior to Hannah’s arrival, she was in a lot of pain and distress. We had already been to the emergency room twice in several days only to return home with not much change. On the day that she started having sharp labor pains, we were all at home. I did not know what to do, I called her mother, because Dawn had gone into the bathroom. When her mother came over, as she lives next door, she rushed into our bathroom. It was too late; the baby was here, still connected to her mother by the cord. EMS came and we got to the hospital. Hannah lived for 45 minutes and then went home to be with the Lord. We were all numb, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Now instead of preparing the baby room, we would head to the mortuary to plan the burial of our beautiful daughter.

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