Hey Jude Lesson 1 MW

Hey Jude

I was now in Grade 8 at George P. Vanier Junior High School, it was early fall. The school dance was almost over.  I had yet to ask anyone to dance. I had been watching Barbara in her white blouse and red plaid skirt all night.  Admiring from afar, her glossy dark straight hair that fell below her shoulders.  At fourteen she was curvaceous and firm.  She had the body of goddess.

While I at thirteen was slightly shorter than her. I was skinny, gangly and horny.  My outfit was comprised of Levi’s jeans, a green shirt and my new, ultra-cool, green Alpaca wool pull-over sweater.  The sweater had cost two months of paper route monies.  I was the wearing the sweater in spite of the warm weather.

Barbara chatted most of the night with the other girls in big group by the gym wall. I had not yet managed to get close to her before a dance.  This was last dance of the night coming up.  It was now or never. I had missed my chance all evening and vowed I would force my way through the other girls if needed.

I swooped in, before the previous dance had even finished. I elbowed my way between several other girls and loudly blurted out over the song just finishing “Can I have this dance?”

“Why not?” she smiled and led me to the dance floor with its multi-coloured strobe lights. Hey Jude, the long version, began to blast out of the speakers.  I couldn’t believe my luck a waltz and a long one to boot.

Hey Jude, na na na na na na na na, hey Jude

Our bodies melded together in a full contact waltz as the loud music reverberated through us. Her blossoming chest rubbed tight against mine.  The crackling static was loud both in my sweater and my mind.

The minute you let her under your skin then you begin to make it better

We welded our bodies together – cheek to cheek, chest to chest, and hips to hips.

Hey Jude, na na na na na na na na, hey Jude

Our sweating hands went unnoticed as we felt each other’s hearts beating as one.

Let her into your heart … hey Jude, don’t be afraid

We clung on tight together as one as I felt the rise in my Levi’s.

It’s a fool who plays it cool

Is it hot or just us that needs to get a room?

Better, better, better, better, wowww

We were molded as one that night on the dance floor

Hey Jude, na na na na na na na na, hey Jude

The decreasing sounds of the repetitive Outro were drifting from the speakers as the album ended. Replaced by the repetive scratching of the phonograph needle at the end of the album before the DJ picked up the arm.

We continued to float on the dance floor. Still embracing, still dancing to the sound of our own music. The world was out there doing its thing.  We were spinning together on our own planet bound together by each other’s gravity.  Both desperately not wanting this special moment to end.

The dance floor was empty when we finally disentangled both flushed and perspiring. The intimate moment we had shared evaporating like our sweat as our bodies separated and the fluorescent lights blasted our retinas.

making his world a little colder

We mumbled meaningless platitudes to each other about seeing each other in school sometime. But she ran with the in-group.  While I was the science geek who set up the science labs and ran the photo and yearbook clubs.

We never really connected again in school but for the duration of the Beatles’ Hey Jude we were one.  The song and the oneness would forever be etched in our souls.  A first love (at least for me) to be remembered over the passing years as the song played on in our lives.

“Na na na na na na na na, hey Jude

Hey Barb.

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2 Responses to Hey Jude Lesson 1 MW

  1. Azyrre says:

    That’s a nice memory you shared, and you did a good job expressing it. Your descriptive, emotional writing lets the reader feel how you felt throughout the song, and I like your ending (“Hey Barb”).

  2. Bill says:

    Thanks for your comments. It was a powerful event.

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