Power of Thought – MW 4 Ex 2

Power of Thought

In my brother’s senior year, we were transplanted from Calgary to Richmond. I was one grade behind him.  We suffered severe culture shock and a huge upheaval in our once stable social lives.  Making new friends was difficult and some our new friends did not meet with our parents’ approval.

Kathy was high on that list causing our parents’ grief. A large girl with ample breasts to match, she wore heavy makeup and skin-tight clothes that left little to the imagination. Her guiles were of the feminine kind as opposed to the intellectual kind.  She clamped on to my brother like a limpid – both physically and emotionally.  She seemed to be in continual season thus keeping my brother in kind of a perpetual rut that clouded his mind.  His grade were falling precipitously and graduation was looking sketchy.  This became a sore point with our parents.

My brother announced his intention of heading out for the evening on a school night.

“You need to stay home and finish your assignments,” my mother said.

“I am 18 and you’re not my boss anymore,” my brother replied.

“You’re going out to see Kathy. She’s not good for you.  She is just using you.”

“Kathy is my girlfriend. Leave her out of this!”

“But she is the cause of it. Every time that sluts opens her legs, you’re there!”

“NO, NO, NO, you guys moving us out here was the cause!!” my brother screamed.

At this point, I tried to intervene and get my brother to calm down. I could not match him physically so suggested everyone take a breath.  I was standing between him and the door.  I couldn’t let him leave.

“Not from you to, just leave me alone,” as he headed for the back door to the garage.

“You can’t go, your car won’t start!’ I shouted as he pushed by me.

He slammed the door on his way out to his perfectly maintained car. I just knew his car wouldn’t start.  Just as I knew, if he had left in anger he would have been in a serious car accident.  I had had the gift of sight many times before but never the power of telekinesis.  How I did it remains a mystery to this day but I knew I needed to do it.  Perhaps, the Gypsy blood that runs in the family, particularly, in my aunts on my mother’s side helped.

My brother crashed back into the house and screamed into my face “What the hell did you do to my car!”

Standing my ground, I screamed back “I didn’t do anything but as soon as you calm down and you’re safe it will start!”

He stomped up to his room and slammed his door. An hour or so later he went to the garage and the car started no problem.  He slipped out for the evening and returned quite late but safely.  I know as I was awaiting his safe return before I fell asleep.

Several months later when his lust had played out, he quietly stopped seeing Kathy. His grades did improve and he managed to graduate high school.

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