how my fascination with football grew–5 details

  1. When I was in Jr. High I began to watch football with my brother. He was 16 and on our high school football team. We would watch college football on Saturdays and the NFL on Sundays. I would often forgo doing homework until after the games were over and I would try to get out of chores. My brother would tell me about certain college players and the positions they played and I eventually learned how the game was played


2.) I became interested in our local NFL team, the Buffalo Bills. At that time we had a player that was the envy of every other team out there: OJ Simpson. It made watching the game very exciting, but I became interested in other teams and other players also. I became interested in their professional careers and their lives and I began to check out books out the library and read biographies about them and their journeys into the NFL

3.) The movie, “Brian’s Song” was shown on TV about football star, Brian Piccolo and his friendship with the first black NFL roommate with the Chicago Bears. It was a story about racial tensions, friendship and dedication to the sport. Brian Piccolo dies and leaves the team grieving. The movie touched me deeply. Back then there were no VCRs but when the repeat came on I remember I tape recorded the whole movie on a cassette tape recorder and listened to it over and over again.

4.) My brother, Victor passes away but my love for football stays with me, as well as my memories of him. When I watch a game, I think of him.


5.) I move to New England and become a Patriots fan even though we are not very good. Then in enters Tom Brady. The way our team turned around by his leadership after Drew Bledsoe went down was nothing short of miraculous. I followed his career closely after that. In fact, during the season he lived in the same town as my sister—the same one who couldn’t care less about football—I knew his address and phone number. He was even seen around town by the neighbors. I knew his favorite eating places but unfortunately never got to talk to him. I know Victor would have been amazed with him.

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