Essentials of Memoir Writing Lesson 2

  • Moving to America/ A different country

-Where I moved from

-Where I moved to

-How it affected me

  1. Lessons learned from a bad relationship

– What happened?

-A lesson I learned from it

-How the lesson benefitted me

  1. Adolescence

– What I learned

-Reflection on adolescence


Set an alarm for 10 minutes. In those 10 minutes, as fast as you can, write more things that could go into a memoir related to any of your 3 topics. Don’t worry about whether the ideas are good or bad, the point is to write as fast as you can.

If ideas occur to you that don’t fit into any of your topics, add new topics for them.


à Bad relationship topic

-How I got out of the relationship

-Why I got into that situation in the first place

-Events leading up to the situation

Which topic did you choose to write about first?

– Most traumatic

Which topic did you automatically focus more attention on?

  • Bad relationship
  • Adolescence

Which topic did you generate the most ideas about?

– Bad relationship

Which topic do you feel the most attracted to? Which one interests you the most?

  • Adolescence is the most attractive.
  • Bad relationship is the most interesting


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