Lesson 1

I had told my kids I would write the story of my life for them. I even set up a notebook to put the memories in. I titled it “This is Me”. But at 78 I have so many memories and due to a small stroke many years ago, there are some foggy areas of the past. I am hoping with the guidance of this course I will be able to give my children some idea of the world I grew up in and how it shaped me. There are so many stories it’s hard to know what and where to put them.

I doubt I’ll ever attempt to publish any of these stories, but they do open up avenues for the fiction I write and maybe I’ll publish one of those.

About k9grammy

Retired, so finally time and determination to write. Live on a small farm, formerly lots of critters, horses, sheep, goats, and chickens. Now just dogs and lots of dog activities. Have had 2 magazine articles published but all the fiction stuff is still in the computer, the files or my head. Just learned a bit about flash fiction and find it fun!
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