City to Farm Girl

All of my early memories were of living in a town or city. My mother drove us for visits to her sister's farm in Cartwright, Manitoba, Canada...just across the line from Devils Lake, Noth Dakota where we lived. The road was unpaved with huge ruts in it. Getting stuck wasn't unusual. At her farm, my Aunt Gertie had wonderful food for us to eat and we played outside getting into mischief at times. Once I took a basket and gathered eggs. I brought them to the house and proudly displayed them, but my Uncle Roy was very displeased that I had taken eggs he was planning to have hatched. Later we saw where in his anger he had thrown the eggs against an inside barn wall. We slid down piles of hay and found out that wasn't a good idea either. My Aunt, had to work very hard on their farm and I decided that being a farm wife wouldn't be my lives ambition. There was a big plow horse called Bruce and it was fun to take rides on him. They were short rides with everyone watching we city kids trying to hold on. I think Uncle Roy was probably happy when we left their farm. The visit lasted two weeks and is one of my favorite memories.
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