The weekend was I can remember

The weekend was very eventful for me, That weekend like I am going to short courses  in Sydney and I got up early in the morning, Life will never be the same. I used to wake up bit late and that weekend I have to wake up at three am like Frist train after three am. After that  I take train to go to the Sydney central station, then I went to the bus stop to go to the hotel. On the bus it was long journey but air-condition was good like bus journey was good. Then I go to the hotel and rest little bit then I went to shopping centre to buy some food and I went back to the hotel.  I have dinner at night and food was delicious.

Next day I went to the class all day it was good and my exam was afternoon and I get less numbers then pass mark due to language difficulties or I should read  books month before I think but I just read few hours . Then I got back to the hotel to have a rest  then I went to the bus stop and took the bus to catch the train to get back home.

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