“You are in the wrong place!”

One of the first conversations I had with one of my colleagues in seminary started with the words, “You are in the wrong place!” This woman came running up to me from the opposite side of the grounds half out of breath to inform me that the housekeeping meeting had been moved from one building to another and she assumed I was a member of the housekeeping staff because as I discovered later, I was not white. When she finally caught her breath and was able to say: “The housekeeping meeting was moved to the other building.” I said, “I’m not here for the housekeeping meeting. I am here for orientation. This is my first day. I am a new seminarian.” Her response was, “Impossible.” She ran ahead of me to gather others and tell them I was to be their colleague…

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2 Responses to “You are in the wrong place!”

  1. Richard says:

    Wow! Which century was this? I’d say your story certainly deserves to be read. Knock these people off their ‘holier than thou’ pedestal.

    I am intrigued by ‘half sheets’ and looking forward to learning what it means.

    • poetpriest says:

      Dear Richard,
      Thank you very much for your response to my story! It has been difficult revisiting these emotions again. This all took place 18 years ago. I had not met so many people who lived with their forefathers’ regrets in one institution before I went to seminary. Please let me know if you would like to know more of the story. What I have shared in these posts are only from the first chapter.

      Heather Ann

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