What’s a song that brings back memories for you exercise 1.

My first attempt at writing anything so apologies…

The room is light and airy and the windows are wide open, the breeze of the coast blows into the classroom and the smell of seaweed wafts in with it.

Miss Kitwood with her long spindly fingers is showing us all how to gather up the material tread by thread to make the front of the smocked baby dress we will be making for our final year piece- the intricate smocking will follow later. 

Music drifts in the window on the summer breeze closely behind the smell of the sea – the Italian lads from the Grand hotel opposite are playing football on the patch of grass that divides the sea from the road and the sound of 10cc – ‘I’m not in love’ makes my mind wander away from sewing. What shall I do – who shall I tell – an overwhelming sense of panic and denial rushes though my mind.

My mum will be coming down at the weekend to see me and are bound to ask questions – and try to get answers but nothing will be said – it’s easier to deny the existence of the little person growing inside me – and if I deny it exists it will go away surely?

I had tried to say something the last time she came but had managed to wear a baggy jumper and hide the small swelling in my tummy – Its 1974 and to be pregnant in these times – with no partner no home and no future didn’t bear thinking about .

Back in the room the sound of laughter and “ciao bella “ comes from outside the lads had finish football and had seen the girls from the kitchen windows below and were shouting to draw attention to them – as if they needed any help – they were all good looking and we were all stuck in classrooms with only our imagination!

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