Lesson 2, My First Fiance


As fast as you can, write more things that could go into a memoir related to any of your 3 topics.   


Write about a conversation that had an impact on your life.  Show the scene where the conversation happened, and try to reconstruct parts of the dialogue word-for-word on the page so that readers can “hear” it first-hand.

My First Fiance

‘Are you serious, Evelyn,’ Kurt glanced at my face with his beautiful blue eyes and grinned woefully. He was average height and his handsome face was surrounded with naturally blond hair. We talked at the summer-house in the park where we had spoken the last time we met before his departure.

‘Yes, I am,’ I felt happy that we are seeing each other and that we have a chat. I haven’t seen him for a long and I miss him.

‘The idea is very good, is really reasonable and I think that the sales of these products, including retailing and wholesale would bring high business profit,’ He explained to me and continued to watch me with his intelligent face and in this moment I realized that he was and still is the only man that is important to me.

,The idea is really pretty good Joshua, but on the whole is not reasonable,’ I noted as I became aware that my words could hurt him because I knew that he is very susceptible.

‘Call me Kurt. My name is Kurt because I chose it for my career. Don’t tell me that you don’t know who I am. My father chose my name on my birth to be Joshua, because his name is Joshua, and to call me Josh, but I prefer to be name Kurt, can you remember this important thing, Evelyn, he smiled kindly to me, ‘On the same way I am calling you Evelyn, but no Evie, like your governess. When you hate me in the future you can call me Jo in our future together.

I agreed watching at him and hoping for our future together

‘Why you think that my idea is unreasonable? I think that it is reasonable enough,’ He moved his glance, stood up and started to walk around slowly. His athletic figure hinted for his professional occupation more than he wanted

‘Because the produce of these items is limited and sometimes restricted by law as they are high technological class,’ I answered to Kurt.

‘Yes, I know,’ he said, ‘but that is not an obstacle. I don’t want all my life to remain a casual serviceman. It would be appropriate to find my business success soon, apart from my art career. As soon as it is possible, because, life is passing so fast that I don’t know if I will manage to do that what it should be,’ He stared wistfully in my face and continued to walk around the arbour. Then he stop and took out from the sleeve of his good quality jacket a flower, one red typed beautifully rose and handed it to me kindly.

I became emotional in my heart and couldn’t tell anything, and just slightly smiled. We were staring at each other. He continued to talk:

‘I want to give to my future wife and my family, that what they deserve, then he took my hand in his hands. I felt really surprised and really happy more than once.                                                     We were engaged before a few years. For a while or seriously. I didn’t know until this day. Then many things have happened in general and he was suspended from the city where I was living then and departed for another destination on a military service. Because of complicated circumstances I got married but on condition that the marriage will be only temporary and that after a separation I will partner with another man, expecting my engagement with Kurt.

This day I was seeing Kurt for the first time after his removal. I wished with all my heart this relationship to prolong in her natural way, but it didn’t. He arrived the previous day and gave me a ring to see me and talk with me and noted that he brought some documents.

I knew Kurt from my childhood when we were living in one household as we were relatives. At the dinner at The Hall in my childhood, before being removed from there after the death of my real parents, he stayed close to my chair. At the dinner he told me:

‘When I become a big man I would like to marry you, Evelyn,’ and then we decided to get engaged, but the next day I was removed from The Hall and I did not know how the things was going on in his life. Later, just before my graduation at the High school, in 11th class Kurt arrived to see me. He told me that he chose the city where I was living for a destination for his military service. Then he said to me:

‘Evelyn, did you remember that we got engaged at the dinner at the Hall before your departure from there? I wondered where you disappeared soon after our engagement,’.

Soon we got engaged unofficially, just between Kurt and me. But he was suspended and he was sent administratively to another place for his service.

I was set in possession of a range of companies, most of them were only registrations and patents rights. Before my graduation me and some relatives started to re-found some of the companies in order to operate profitable businesses, and to provide employment for some British people, including relatives and associated people. In that connection soon after leaving school I became co-manager and director in some companies because I was occupied with a range of activities to be set in motion these companies and to be operated profitably in cooperation with my relatives and their colleagues. For that reason I started to study in the university Economy, accountancy, investments and business.                                                                                               In that relation I was in co-ownership for one company with Kurt and his relatives which Kurt wanted to start-up and to manage it. We were of different opinions exactly for that company, because to function effectively it is necessary to produce a large quantity of items , which the law imposes limitation as these appliances provide possibilities which are or should be restricted. But that is after certain quantities for which are not applied restrictions and our conversation was in that connection.

For a while we remained in silence. One butterfly landed on his shoulder. Kurt smiled and noted:

‘There in my town at the offices are a lot of women who want to spoil you, me and our life. I don’t want this to happen. For that reason, Evelyn, me and you need to set in motion and to operate a serious business, to make a profit and to show them that is the right way, at a capitalistic economy,’.

I listened carefully to his words and agreed in my heart. Kurt stayed in front of me and continued to talk, looking at my face:

‘ Evelyn, you are one of the directors in the holding and I need your sign on some documents in order to become possible to start the necessary activities for organizing the company. When you arrive there, in Grange Park, you will just step inside and start to control the expenses, so that to keep on profit,’.

,That is very good proposition for me Kurt, but without an accountant, and in further, a very good accountant this project will not come to profit, never,’. I told Kurt as I wanted to prevent losses and wasting of money.

‘I know very well that, Evelyn, answered to me Kurt. ‘I will employ an accountant, not only one, but temporary, until you arrive there, in Grange Park,’.

We continued to talk about and on the end of the business conversation I signed the necessary important documents. I bought one of his companies in further, one agency associated with the other industrial companies in order to initiate a business partnership with Kurt. He offered to bring me every quarter reports and statements for controlling the business of the newly started up industrial company and the agency separately itself.

After each of us signed the contracts and the documents Kurt said to me:

‘Next quarter, for Christmas, I will come to bring you the reports for the agency and for the company and your bank statements. Is that OK for you, Evelyn?’

‘Yes, Kurt, it is OK. Are you certain that you will come again here in Christmas?’ I asked sensed.

‘Oh, not here in the summer-house, I will come to the office in the central city. Are you worried for something, Evelyn?’ he asked me kindly.

‘No,’ I said, but I was worried for many things, mostly for him. I knew that he was living in danger all the time. We stayed face to face and enjoyed our meeting. For short. The sun stayed high above us on the blue sky but the light breeze make us to feel cold. He wore a short sleeve shirt and good quality trousers. His skin on the forearm went slightly goosy.

‘Would you like to go round, because here it is getting cold,’ I offered kindly to Kurt.  

‘Don’t worry for me, Evelyn, he said. I am a man. In further, I am a serviceman. I am not allowed to feel uncomfortably, he smiled. He kissed me and then he said:

’ You are not anymore my fiancée, he stopped for a while, smiled a little and added glancing at my eyes, You are now my wife Evelyn, already, emphasised Kurt and embraced me. I couldn’t answer anything and just felt very sensible, I was touched in my heart.

Suddenly his mobile phone rang repeatedly. He turned it of and said:

‘I don’t wanna go. I don’t want to finalise this event,’ said Kurt holding my hand.

‘Our date,’ I asked.

‘Evelyn, this is not a date. For me this is an event, a business meeting. Even more, an important event, personally about me. If I come after three months, I will continue to arrive every three months to present you in person reports, bank statements, balance sheets and other documents and this is my case and my chance in life,’. He paused for short and continued:

‘But if I don’t  arrive before Christmas, Evelyn, that means that everything  has finished. And don’t forget, that I love you. I want you to be my wife in this life, for all my life,’. Then Kurt stood up, embraced me with his hands and kissed me once more. Than he took my hand and we set to go over in the park. On our way round Kurt said:

‘Never give up, Evelyn. Don’t stop believe in yourself. This is our time,’.

That was the last time when I saw him in person on a date and I will never forget about this part of my life then.



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