Lesson 3 – Memories from a photograph

I see my sister sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi in the Houston sunshine dangling her feet in the warm, bubbling water. She is surrounded by friends, everyone is laughing. From their expressions, they are laughing out loud, almost uncontrollably, they are all happy. They are very happy. My sister, Jo, has come from England to stay with me for three weeks in my Houston, Texas apartment.

I am pleased she is there. It pleases me that she is laughing so much. Her life in recent years has been challenging and brought her little joy. Her first husband and father of her two children proved to be a loser, funny and personable in company but a pathetic and incompetent provider for his family. She divorced him. She had the happiest nine years of her life in a subsequent marriage until her husband suffered a lingering illness and death from throat cancer. The few years since his passing, Jo had been alone and generally unhappy.

Now here she was with me in Houston. Enjoying the company of all my friends, male and female. She came determined to take advantage of whatever opportunity came her way and was doing it in spades! Astros games, country bars, rock concerts, cruising the Galleria, and more, she was doing it all on her first-ever trip to the U.S.A. She was, at last, having genuine fun.

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