Blue Moon

Blue Moon:

It is 1956, the summer between my junior and senior years in high school. We are at a party on my block and it is later in the evening. The party started pretty spontaneously, with my friend Jerry suggesting it and offering his house. He was a little younger than I and I thought it was pretty presumptuous of him, but I didn’t know then that his mother and my father were having an affair. He did and figured he could get away with about anything. In any case I was stoked. I had been been infatuated with Julianne Moore, Jerry’s classmate, whom I knew from the drama group where I was a growing star. She must have had her eye on me too, as to my very big surprise and huge delight, she accepted my invitation to the party. We had started out innocently enough, in the garage, lots of strung up lights, and punch bowl, I think it was Hawaiian Punch with some orange soda in it. There was no alcohol, cause we weren’t there yet. Chips and dip, popcorn, just the easy party accouterments, put together at the last minute, shared the table with the punch bowl and some sort of record player. And we ‘jitterbugged…’ I thought I was pretty good….I wasn’t…but it didn’t matter cause soon enough we got hot and sweaty and turned off the music. I suggested spin-the-bottle. Remember that? This is in the mid-fifties, and something was needed if we were to get close and sure enough we did. Julianne and I had our first kiss. It was thrilling. I was primed for something big. After a few dozen kisses around the group, the lights came down, and the close dancing started. Julianne and I.   It was when Blue Moon came on, that my heart left my body and I was in love. She was obviously moved too. And we held on and danced and danced and danced. Perhaps, in my mind, we never quit dancing. Perhaps in my heart I never quit loving. In any case, we had a great summer, and were boy friend and girl friend; until school started, when Julianne started going out with a football player. A big guy, a jock. Did I mention that I was not big. I was small, smart, wore glasses, funny, and had a heart broken into one million little sharp pieces, some of them still, after 60 years, send little stabbing pains into me. I now, at this late date, after two marriages, three children, and an eighteen year history with my current partner, still recall that song, that night, that love.


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14 Responses to Blue Moon

  1. Alan says:

    Beautifully written. A lot of great details that evoke the time period.

  2. smyrnami says:

    Vivid, very colorful. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  3. Christine F. says:

    Is this THE Julianne Moore? You mention you were both in drama class together? Just joking with you really since the Julianne Moore I am thinking of from the soap ‘As the World Turns’ and movies ‘Boogie Nights,’ Stephan King’s ‘Carrie,’ etc. wasn’t born until 1960! 🙂

    • Dr Robert says:

      She was a blonde, and yes, we are now quite a bit older than the actress. I must say though, that I have always appreciated the actress for many reasons among which, her name was near the top. Thanks for the comment. It does tell me that when writing, I do not want to confuse the issues with something as trivial as a not changing a name. Dr.Robert

  4. JanisClare says:

    “Blue Moon” — What a great standard. I love it!
    And I can see where you got lost in the moment. Lots of nice details and it’s a good story. Would help to break it up in paragraphs, perhaps add some of your thoughts in parentheses, or perhaps those first awkward words spoken between you and Julianne.
    One final nit-pick: For some reason I prefer “a million pieces” to “one million.” It’s a judgment call, but — hey — that’s why we’re here, right?
    All in all, a lovely little story. I’m rootin’ for you getting the girl!

    • Dr Robert says:

      Well, I didn’t get her….but, as a very great writer once remarked (Alfred Lord Tennyson); “It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all” .
      And, yes I can see that breaking it into paragraphs would help the flow….Dr. Robert

  5. What a beautiful story! Very well written. I enjoyed the acknowledgement at the end regarding the vivid memory. A first love, a summer to remember, I believe everyone has a story like this, and that helps bring the reader in. Nice job!

  6. freckles says:

    A nice little story and how a song can have such an effect on us, making us relieve the past. I thought when you mentioned Julianne Moore, it was the red haired actress born in 1960 the same as in the comment made above. Is it her you are speaking about?

    • Dr Robert says:

      Nope (see above) and thanks for another reminder to not misdirect my readers with easily avoided signs and signals, I could have just as easily used her initials or a pseudonym. Dr. Robert

  7. carrieann822 says:

    Lovely memory.

  8. Betty Jo says:

    Great story! I was there in 1955. I too carry those wonderful memories today and wonder what my life would be like if that first love had lasted.

  9. weng says:

    Lovely piece of a memory, inspired by a song and preserved through the years. I craved for more because i loved your style of writing. Keep writing.

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