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Leaving on a Jet Plane

“Come on slow poke. They’re waiting for us,” Tracy urged. “This thing is heavy,” I whined. “Why do I have to carry the radio?” “Cause I said so.” I stuck out my tongue and rolled my eyes. Tracy loved being … Continue reading

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Lesson 6 exercise ..something you were scared of…. I was a pretty sheltered kid. Most of my early years were spent close by my Mom’s side because she was an overprotective and untrusting woman. Unfortunately, that protection did not extend … Continue reading

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Optional: A Child’s Perspective

“Oh no, here comes No Legs, run!” I screamed at Melanie. “Why?” “Just run!” I yelled over my shoulder as I ran away from the golf cart slowly making its way down the street toward us. Melanie ran to my … Continue reading

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Temporary Sanity

His eyes reminded me of the water that I swam in as a child in our backyard pool. Yet, I didn’t see much there, as if he had closed his soul off many years before we met. Still, there was … Continue reading

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