Essentials of Memoir Writing Songs From My Childhood

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Songs From My Childhood

This shiny afternoon I visited a store in the town centre. When I passed the book section and stopped for a while before the shelves the a well-known song reversed me back in my childhood. I love this song. I felt  weight in my heart and sorrow about this day.

I remembered this  cold morning in my earlier years. I have just awaked and I was still in my bed at The Hall when I heard the voice of my governess:

‘The bell on the big gate is ringing. I will go and see who is. Stay safe locked inside and don’t open to anyone until I return. If it is someone uninvited I will not unlock the big gate. Stay here!’ she said and walked out. My governess set of for the big gate to see who is coming so early in the morning

I stood up and started slowly to prepare for the day and still felt upset having a presentiment of the bad day. I just finished the prepare and I heard her warning voice:

‘Evy, don’t come, don’t come anymore. Stay there! Lock yourself and stay safe.’

She was then a young woman with brown hair and lively brown eyes and looked  well-build in her dress.

I was living then in the big beautiful site which we call in the family The Hall. From time to time, I myself, as a part of our big family then, have visited our relatives who were settled permanently in this site. The site was recognized as a work of art after they refurbished, restored, reconstructed, fortified and widened it. The superior members of our family added to the main construction one separated part as a separated building. The main part is beautified by plastic arts and ornaments from the bottom to his top which represent persons and moments from the British history and is really impressive. It is designed, built and reconstructed by my grand-grand-father, grand-grand-mother, children, grandchildren, and some other close relatives, more than one hundred persons. Each of them occupied a separate room. The smaller construction is designed and built by my grandfather and the members of his family then, in the time of the carried work. My grandfather was the Chief in this town after his work in London and as a banker. The site is constructed with more glasses in the external design. From the street the site is accessed by a stairway of 7 steps and at the inner part is an created internal yard which used to be a pictorial four season garden. It is situated in the town centre near the central square.

At first, my room was on the first floor but later some space was pre-arranged especially for me and then my room was re-arranged on the second floor. Ignoring the warning message of my governess I passed the corridor, stepped down on the internal stairs and soon arrived not far

from the big gate which usually we lock after the sunrise and unlock in the morning, but not every day, for security reasons. Then I noticed some people who violated the gate and with the tools which they held in their hands tried to broke the lock and the padlock. Some time I stayed there watching them, shocked from that what was happening before my view from their robust voices and from the strong noise from the hits. I saw my governess trying to persuade them to stop the violation. They pushed and a baldhead man hit her. She turned to me and said:

‘Evi, why you are coming here. They could hurt you. Go back and stay safe!’ .

One of the attackers tied her hands and they removed her in a van. One other man of them looked at me and told me:

‘Oh, you are here again. You are the same child from yesterday. We defeated your mother yesterday and if you do not listen what we are saying we will defeat you as well on the same way’

Behind me I heard the voice of Suzannah:

‘Don’t go outside. Now you are alone and you need to listen to us. You are now an orphan. Go and rest in your place.’ She looked around 30 years of age, with long curly fair hair, a little taller than average height. The tightened jeans and tensed blouse which Suzannah wore this day brought into relief her firm figure.

‘No, said the bald man with the tool on his hand, you will not stay here anymore. This place is for us already. If you want to stay alive, you need to go to live somewhere else.’.

Next to him arrived Margi, and started to walk around dressed with sport trousers in kaki colour and dark green shirt. She wore not very short brown straight hair. Then, Suzannah turned to me and said:

‘Don’t listen to him, Evelyn. Go and rest’ she pointed to the door for my wing of the place.

I felt depressed and I did not say anything. It’s started to rain. Then I returned in my room trying to realise what exactly has happened and to fix the problem but I was only a small child. There was not painkiller for the melancholy and the loneliness. The only option was to adapt to it. It is rained all the day. Above the wings of the site the caps was wet from the rain.

Later Margi and Suzannah appeared on the frame of my door. Margi said:

‘What is going on here with you, Evelyn?’ She was

 Suzannah stepped inside my room and said to me:

‘Tomorrow you have to leave this place because the bad people will come and if they find you, the things will go from bad to worse. We can place you in an orphanage, what do you suggest?’ She glanced at my face with her glowing brown eyes expecting my answer.

 Do you listen to me what I am saying’?’ emphasized Margi coming closely to me:

‘Orphanage? That is the right place for you now. Here it is not anybody to look after you now. Your mum paid us a fee to look after you. It is expensive to have carers on your disposition. If you find money, we can arrange something for you. But for this we will talk later. Are you coming for dinner now?’ On her oval face I noticed her brown eyes watching at me. She still wore her khaki trousers and dark green shirt. Margi stated:

‘Evelyn, despite everything you need to eat. We still could be your carers if you find money to pay.’

‘Margi, she cannot stay here anymore, isn’t it. She should go anywhere. Zuzannah turned her eyes to me:

‘Do you know your old address, but we cannot remove you to live at your home address now because your mu passed away yesterday and if someone find you there you could be hurt as well, Evi? You cannot stay here. Do you have any idea where to remove you, on which address?’

Suzannah, tomorrow we can ask your governess if we see her’, said Margi.

‘Oh, yes, of course,’ agreed Suzannah. ’But where she is now?’.

‘At the basement.’ answered Margi and added: ’I will speak tomorrow with him to let her go’.

I felt confused and hurt emotionally.

Suddenly the melody of a beautiful song sounded in the air. The strong figure of the bald man dressed in an expensive gabardine suit appeared on the doorstep. He said to them confidently:

‘Oh, I wondered where you disappeared. You arrived to supervise the small landlady. Then, he turned to me and said:

‘I am Aleksander,’ and stretched out his hand to me trying to reach my hand. ’Now you are our landlady and we are inviting you to a dinner. Later we organize an important event but for that we will talk on the table between the hors d’oeuvres on a glass of wine. But you are not a drinker. Then, the bald man said to Margi and Suzannah: ‘Go before me ladies!’ and notify with his hand the opened door, ‘ I am after you.’

We set for the dinner where a little later I met again, for the first time after yesterday Joshua, my first fiancé, and Michael, my closest relative. Joshua possessed bright blue and wore his blond hair long. Michael wore his fair curly hair to his shoulder. He had striking blue eyes as well and both of them were a little taller than me. A nice music sound was inviting us for the upcoming dinner.


                                                     of  chapter one

Author: Evelyn I Ferguson    

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