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Memoir: First Turkey Hunt

The first time my dad took me hunting with him, I was afraid of what would happen. I couldn’t have been more than six, and he took me out one fine spring morning to sit with him in the woods … Continue reading

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Lesson 1: Song Exercise. “1985”

As a freshman in high school, you never know if you’re going to fit in anywhere, make friends, find a place for yourself. In my high school, the school district was so small that there was only one middle school … Continue reading

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Premont’s Music of the Night (No Particular Lesson)

I’ve often said that Mr. Holland’s Opus was tied with Almost Famous, as being my all time favorite movie. You will never get to see the small town of Premont, Texas through the eyes I have experienced it to be. … Continue reading

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Lesson 1: Topics for Memoirs

  My journey of escaping an abusive marriage     Graduating a semester early; skipping senior prom, graduation ceremony, and open house festivities of my own     Moving from my 4-season, lifelong home state of Michigan to Texas   … Continue reading

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The bridge was gone. A small painted warning sign made my brother stop the car. There was no other traffic just here, though we had met and passed bullock carts, cars, trucks, cows, goats, and stray dogs along the dusty … Continue reading

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It was a glorious equatorial African evening, just before dusk, that beautiful red and orange sky just prior to the sun setting, minutes before it becomes pitch black at a stroke. I was running along main street (I say ‘main … Continue reading

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