Lesson 2, Focusing my memoir,


Go back to your list of 10 topics from Lesson 1.  Under each topic that you wrote down, write at least 3 things related to that topic that a memoir might include.

1) My childhood

visited places

              involved people

              feelings – surprises, upseting  

2) A trip I took

             the hotel

             the local glories

             the town and his coffee shops

3) a sport or game that is important to me is a swimming

     My first swimming at the see

      Practicing swimming at the course of the years

      The last time when I swam

4) a movie that changed your life is ‘The Hair’

    The actors and the actresses

    The storyline

    The impact of this movie

5) a place where I lived is the house at Kingsley road

    the house

    the garden

    the area, close to the park

6) a change in my economic situation

  My work at the course of my whole career

  The payment in return

  alternative options

7) my career

My first job in life

My first job as a part of my career and the work positions during my career

My most recent job

8) My first fiancé

the first meeting

our relationship

the last meeting

9) a place that was special to me is a one summer-house in the park

The surrounding area

My visiting of that place

The person with who I visited the place

10) a particular job is accountancy

The sense of the accountancy for the life of the company

The colleagues

The work


Which topic did you choose to write about first? 

I chose to write about my youth.

Which topic did you automatically focus more attention on?

I focused my attention on my first fiancé Kurt.

Which topic did you generate the most ideas about?

The most ideas about was generated by the topics for my career and my work

Which topic do you feel the most attracted to? 

I am feeling most attracted to the topic for my first fiancé.

Which one interests you the most?

The most interests me the topics for my home and places where I was living at the course of the years.

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