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Lesson 4: Wasting Away – A Memoir

Wasting Away A desperately ill child’s reflections of sounds and smells from the confines of his bedroom as he struggles with the fear of dying. I lay on the floor on my back staring blankly at the ceiling. The threadbare … Continue reading

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Water all around

Water was everywhere; frozen slabs of the Yellow China Sea all around us. We were on a ship waiting for the pilot to take us into the harbor of Tanku, Tientsin. The pilot had gone to celebrate the Chinese New … Continue reading

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Lesson 4 – Say Hello, Cry Goodbye.

This lesson was not the easiest to write. I hope you stick with it as I felt I had to give you the whole memoir. Again, your comments and critique is welcomed. Enjoy Say Hello, Cry Goodbye. Not even the expanse … Continue reading

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The main conflict I want to explore is the conflict between loving my Dad and being taught from my mother that he was “bad” and someone to be feared. My mom’s mental illness led to feelings of extreme inferiority, paranoia … Continue reading

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What Is Your Premise?

“What is the premise of your story?” asked the old professor. He was not particularly gentle in his tone and I was already frustrated about the assignment. I glared at him. “If I knew the answer, you wouldn’t have to … Continue reading

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conflict list/conflict: No running water

Lesson 4 List of conflicts living in a camping trailer No running water: no bathroom, no shower etc. Small living space: no privacy, not enough room for “stuff”                Too many pets: too costly, … Continue reading

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A Monster

Ah, a mother’s dream, finally my nine-month old daughter fell asleep in my arms. I carried my body, laden with exhaustion, into the master bedroom. Gently, I kissed her still bald scalp, whispered, “I love you, Princess,” and laid her … Continue reading

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