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Creative Writing : Lesson 5

Exercise 1: Key scenes from my memoir “Head sticking into the Gladioli Careering down the road in my blue “”Ferrari’ In the hospital ward with prople dying from what I was suffering from My retirement function Going to a bar … Continue reading

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The Warshing machine – lesson 5 dialogue

The Warshing Machine “Why do I have to wash my own clothes? My Mom always does all the clothes washing” my Granddaughter complained to me.” I had been called to come visit a week with my teen age granddaughter while … Continue reading

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Reflections from an Epicenter

“What on earth is our store doing on TV?” I said pointing accusatorily at the television set on the shelf above the cash register in the antique shop. “Oh lady, there was a really bad earthquake in California this morning. … Continue reading

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I did not want to sit down. Every time I sit down I’d start shaking my right leg like crazy. My dad used to ask, “What are you doing, pumping for oil?” So, instead of pumping for oil I took … Continue reading

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Lesson 5 – I Can Only Imagine

Little late in posting this lesson, I hope you enjoy. Again comments and critique are welcome 🙂 A child’s imagination is like a sponge, soaking up wondrous tales of amazing adventures from the days of old. Eyes twinkle with delight … Continue reading

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The bridge was gone. A small painted warning sign made my brother stop the car. There was no other traffic just here, though we had met and passed bullock carts, cars, trucks, cows, goats, and stray dogs along the dusty … Continue reading

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Dad pulled the top of the sardines. A briny, metallic scent attracted Fuzznuts to the kitchen. Fuzznuts, Dad’s yellow tomcat, meowed loudly and clawed his pants leg. “Hey girls, I have a snack for you,” Dad laughed. “Eewww, no,” we … Continue reading

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scenes of 2nd grade brian

A few scenes of my elementary school “boyfriend” Brian. Instead of being really detailed on one, I decided to combine a few different ones together. It was recess time and most of the other second-graders were running around throwing tanbark … Continue reading

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Milkshakes for All

Cautiously, I balanced the seven milkshakes on my lap, contained in two drink carriers from our local fast food restaurant. Howie leapt from our white minivan and began unbuckling the smallest of the children from their seats. He yelled at … Continue reading

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